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On the first day of October, the number “30” appeared mysteriously on the side of the Louvre, the Colosseum, and the Empire State Building as if it were a Bat-Signal. It was, in fact, a long-awaited announcement about the return...
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Cate Le Bon

Cate Le Bon became a guitar rock auteur by subverting the form. The Welsh singer’s gifts for unruliness, absurdity, and obliqueness have only heightened since the jangly garage rock and shaggy psych-folk of her earliest records, but 2019’s simultaneously insular...
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Conway the Machine

Even though Buffalo, New York’s Griselda collective has had California producer the Alchemist on speed-dial since the mid-2010s, they’ve never stopped rapping like they’re up-and-comers trying to get his attention. Lately, Conway the Machine has been particularly voracious: He’s the...
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After collaborations with Rosalía and SOPHIE on 2020’s KiCk i and a recent remix for Lady Gaga, Arca’s latest joint venture, “Born Yesterday” with Sia, represents her latest foray into more mainstream pop. The first single from the producer’s upcoming...
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On “Geyser,” the opening track of her brilliant 2018 album Be the Cowboy, Mitski cast music in the role of a temperamental lover. The need for self-expression, she suggested, could be an endless, destructive tango with frustration and epiphany. So,...
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Mandy, Indiana

War is constant, and driving, and cruel. Its brutal rhythm pulses through “Bottle Episode,” the new single from Manchester experimental band Mandy, Indiana. The latest taste of their forthcoming … EP plows forward like the dead-eyed trudge of a doomed...
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