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Watch VIVIZ perform ‘BOP BOP!’ for Grammy’s Global Spin series

Watch VIVIZ perform ‘BOP BOP!’ for Grammy’s Global Spin series

NewsMusic NewsWatch VIVIZ perform ‘BOP BOP!’ for Grammy’s Global Spin series The trio are now the first-ever K-pop girl group to feature on the series By Angela Patricia Suacillo 27th April 2022 VIVIZ on 'Global Spin'. Credit: BPM Entertainment VIVIZ...
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“Falnukmel,” the first single from Palestinian producer and rapper Julmud’s forthcoming album Tuqoos, is an industrial trap barrage. The density is startling, the bass brushing up against wet scrapes and lazery fields, propellant and unabating—a counter to the impassive sterility of...
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Nyokabi Kariũki

A pair of Speke’s weaver birds are the unwitting guests of Nyokabi Kariũki’s “Equator Song,” the second single from her upcoming EP peace places: kenyan memories. The young Nairobi-reared artist recorded a pair as she traveled through Kenya’s Laikipia county,...
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Jon E Cash

The UK grime group Da Black Op’s has one mission: To destroy your eardrums with pummeling sub-bass. Their Bandcamp is full of heavy productions primed to rattle speakers and scare off birds. Dropped without warning a few days ago, “GRAVE...
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Two Shell

London duo Two Shell emerged in 2019 with a lean, austere take on contemporary UK bass music that sounded right at home on Livity Sound, the Bristol label that has spent the past decade forging a singular style out of...
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Babyface Ray

Few rappers balance nonchalance and mortality like Babyface Ray. Listening to the Detroit rapper’s stories feels like overhearing a private conversation between friends–they sound confident and guarded all at once. “I can sit and tell you about the diamonds on...
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Sofia Kourtesis

Sofia Kourtesis constructed a set of intensely personal house music for Fresia Magdalena, her 2021 breakout EP. The Berlin-based Peruvian producer’s latest single, “Estación Esperanza” continues in the same vein, intimately connecting the personal with the political. Sampling sounds from...
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