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NewsMusic News1096 Gang’s Luci J releases debut solo EP, ‘Do By Heart’

Featuring groupmates Youngwise, Ghetto Gecko and Guddhist Gunatita

By Surej Singh

Luci J of 1096 Gang releases debut solo EP
Credit: Luci J Official Facebook

Filipino rapper Luci J of rap collective 1096 Gang has released his debut solo EP, entitled ‘Do By Heart’.

The EP was uploaded onto streaming platforms on Tuesday (October 12). It features performances from fellow 1096 Gang members Youngwise, Ghetto Gecko and Guddhist Gunatita alongside fellow rapper Let Bu.

Luci J also dropped a video for ‘Natatanaw’, which sees him rap in different settings in a compound, from a lush garden to a lavish private office and library. The rapper also lets his bubbly side shine, as he dances and bops along to the track, smiling to himself.

Listen to the EP in its entirety and watch the ‘Natatanaw’ video below.


Two songs on the EP are solo tracks – ‘Natatanaw’ and ‘Ngiti’ – performed entirely by Luci J, while ‘Gumigising’ features Youngwise and Let Bu, ‘Nakakapa’ features Ghetto Gecko and Youngwise, and ‘Matamasa’ features Guddhist Gunatita and Youngwise.

Luci J is the latest member of 1096 Gang to explore solo endeavours. Guddhist released his debut solo album ‘Metamorphosis’ in April, followed by two standalone singles, ‘Ugat’ in May and ‘Manindigan’ in late August.

1096 Gang, on the other hand, released their most recent track ‘BREAK THE LOOP’ last month, marking the rap group’s fifth release of the year, following January’s ‘Buhay’, May’s ‘Gawin’, ‘Matsalab’ in June, and ‘IMOUT (Cypher 3)’ in August.

1096 Gang is made up of five members: Luci J, Youngwise, Ghetto Gecko, Guddhist Gunatita and Trvmata, The group broke out in January 2021, when their track ‘Pajama Party (Cypher 1)’ trended on TikTok.

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