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Soul Glo

Soul Glo are only now reaching the height of their powers, but from their perspective, their days have never felt more numbered. Their upcoming full-length, Diaspora Problems, should be a victory lap for the ace Philadelphia outfit: Though long hailed...
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Binker and Moses

Saxophonist Binker Golding and drummer Moses Boyd channel a sound as expansive as it is fierce, sculpting lightning-fast runs and whirling rhythms into vast, shapeshifting landscapes. Their music thrives on spontaneity: They recorded their 2017 album Journey to the Mountain...
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Aldous Harding

Aldous Harding pulled a surprising about-face on last year’s “Old Peel.” She replaced the soothing woodwinds and acoustic guitar that characterized her previous work with metronomic stabs of electric skronk, morphing her earthy folk into shambling art-rock. On “Lawn,” the...
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Following a series of slick, understated Destroyer albums, the first single from the band’s forthcoming album LABYRINTHITIS represents a change of pace. Named after the Italian Renaissance painter, “Tintoretto, It’s for You” is menacing and theatrical, bursting with distorted synths,...
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Sasami Ashworth has a fantastical vision for her latest single: “I see a hot femme with a mystical flamethrower engulfed in emotional blue flames throwing elbows alone in an industrial dance club in outer space.” The fourth release from her...
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Father John Misty

As Father John Misty, Joshua Tillman has delighted in willfully slippery inscrutability, operating somewhere between self-aware dirtbag, wry observer of modern rot, and total wet blanket. Following 2018’s God’s Favorite Customer, Tillman issued a pair of reserved singles, co-wrote for...
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