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NewsMusic NewsApple and Amazon announce lossless audio streaming free for subscribers

The streaming giants pipped Spotify with the move, whose own Hi-Fi service will be rolled out later this year

By Josh Martin

Streaming Services
Photo credit: Ascannio / Alamy Stock Photo

Streaming giants Apple and Amazon have announced they will offer lossless audio streaming at no extra cost.

Apple moved first, announcing on Monday (May 17) high-fidelity streaming would be rolled out for free for subscribers in June. As Billboard reports, Amazon responded by dropping the cost of its existing high-fidelity audio service Amazon Music HD to $9.99 USD from $14.99 USD, effective immediately.

Apple’s new feature will be usable in tiers, starting at CD quality (16 bit at 44.1 kilohertz) and topping out at 24 bit at 48 kHz. “Hi-Resolution Lossless” at 24 bit at 192 kHz will also be available, though you’ll need external equipment to access it.

Apple is also rolling out spatial audio with support for Dolby Atmos. To access the new resolution audio settings, Apple Music users can go into their Settings > Music > Audio Quality and take their pick, as well as choose different resolutions for different kinds of internet connections.

Both Apple and Amazon have pipped Spotify, who announced plans for Spotify HiFi back in February with Billie Eilish, set to rollout sometime later this year. Other services, including Deezer, and Tidal, already offer similar high fidelity services albeit at a higher price.

TIDAL HiFi costs $19.99USD for 16bit at 44.1kHz,, while Deezer Hi-Fi will set you back $14.99USD per month for the same quality.

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