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NewsMusic NewsB.I announces new “half album” titled ‘Cosmos’

“This is the story about the times when unadulterated love filled the universe”

By Gladys Yeo

B.I. Credit: 131 Label

South Korean singer-songwriter B.I has announced plans to release a new “half album” next month.

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At midnight KST today (October 22), the former iKON member dropped a video titled ‘What Is Your COSMOS?’, announcing his upcoming “half album” titled ‘Cosmos’. The upcoming release will explore “the love that makes me dream about eternity and to give everything without anything in return”, according to the video’s YouTube description.

Featuring a diverse group of people across different ages, each guest was asked to talk about where they seek passion and comfort in the minute-long clip. “What is your cosmos?” B.I asks, before showing various answers ranging from family and inspiration, to pets and dance.

The teaser cuts off just as the singer begins to answer the question himself, revealing the release details for the album. The forthcoming record is due out on November 11 at 6pm KST.

“When we were young and naive, love meant everything to us and it can change our lives and create new universes. The love that makes my heart race and makes me stupid enough to jump into fire fuels the energy of my cosmos,” the YouTube description adds. “This is the story about the times when unadulterated love filled the universe.”

‘Cosmos’ will mark the singer’s first project since the release of his debut solo album ‘Waterfall’ earlier in June. The 12-track full-length record was entirely co-written by the former iKON member, and included collaborations with K-pop vocalist Lee Hi (on ‘Daydream’) and rapper Tablo of Epik High (on ‘Stay’).

Earlier this month, B.I had performed at his first-ever solo online concert ‘131 Live Presents: B.I First Online Concert’. Held on October 2, the show featured a myriad of guest appearance by artists including American musician Pink Sweat$, Indonesian singer Afgan and South Korean hip-hop trio Epik High.

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