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We are in the prime time of teasers in pop culture. If you have a new movie, TV show, podcast, album, or literally any piece of media with an already established audience, it behoves you to give that audience just a teeny tiny taste of what’s to come. Did you see how many goddamn teaser trailers the last two Avengers movies had? I swear there are at least five different cuts of a less than two-minute look at Infinity War. It’s ludicrous.

Which brings us to Courtney Love. The queen of grunge has joined the tease train by previewing a new song on Instagram with The Big Moon singer Juliette Jackson entitled ‘Roses.’ Fellow indie rock queen Aimee Mann is also tagged in the video, although she doesn’t make an appearance. The extent to which Jackson and Mann appear on any future release isn’t clear, but that’s the point of teasers, right?

Love is historically the type of pop culture figure that you find yourself either dragging through the mud or defending with your life: there is no such thing as having a neutral opinion on Courtney Love. When you have songs written about you called ‘Professional Widow’ and ‘Starfuckers, Inc.’ you tend to inspire strong feelings in others.

I, for one, am solidly in the “Leave Courtney Alone” camp: she’s a great songwriter with a deeper oeuvre than she gets credit for, she’s a legitimately talented actor with some great character roles in her filmography, and she’s been a strong feminist figurehead in an industry that is visibly predatory to women. Plus, there’s only so much bashing you can do to someone who has had to deal with drug addiction, estrangement from her daughter, and the death of her husband on a global stage for nearly 30 years. Give her a break.

These days Love looks like she’s settled nicely into an elder statesman role of rock: no longer an easy punchline for mariticide and no longer making public appearances completely wasted. This is a healthier and happier Courtney Love, and I foresee a future where Love gets the renaissance she deserves for kicking down the door of alt rock. Hopefully that’s already under way, but for now let’s simply enjoy the little acoustic teaser she’s laid out for us.

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