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Deftones recruit ‘The Invisible Man’ director for new ‘Ceremony’ video

Leigh Whannell’s chilling video for the ‘Ohms’ track stars Cleopatra Coleman

By Will Richards

Cleopatra Coleman in Deftones’ new video for ‘Ceremony’. Credit: YouTube.

Deftones have shared a brand new video for their 2020 track ‘Ceremony’, helmed by The Invisible Man director Leigh Whannell.

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‘Ceremony’ appears on the rock titans’ most recent album, 2020’s ‘Ohms’, and the new video stars Australian actress Cleopatra Coleman.

The video sees Coleman blagging her way into a decadent cocktail party before finding herself in decidedly more dangerous surroundings, beckoned into different rooms by the members of Deftones.

Watch the new video below.

Regarding Whannell’s involvement in the cinematic new video, the director referenced a tweet he wrote back in November 2020 following the release of ‘Ohms’. “Hello this album is excellent (probably my favourite Deftones ever) and you should listen to it if you like music that is heavy and beautiful simultaneously,” he wrote at the time.

Following the band’s announcement that he would be directing the new video this week (April 19), Whannell revealed that his tweet expressing his love for ‘Ohms’ was the reason that he was recruited for the ‘Ceremony’ visual.

He wrote: “One day I wrote on Twitter that I was loving the new @deftones album. The next day their manager sent me a DM asking if I wanted to direct a music video for them. I said yes. The moral of the story is talk about the things you love on Twitter, not the things you hate.

“Specifically I mean talk about the ART and pop culture you love, not the art and pop culture you hate. When it comes to politicians and their stupidity and insanity, all bets are obviously off.”

‘Ohms’ came out last September, and received a five-star review from NME, which wrote: “‘Ohms’ is a very 2020 sort of album. This isn’t a year in which beauty makes all that much sense. These songs are as ugly as the news. As disfigured as the environment. As barren as the hope felt by the majority of the world’s inhabitants.

“Again, Moreno might as well be singing about what breed of guinea pig is the best, such is the obliqueness of the record’s words, but there’s truth here, amplified louder than perhaps ever before.”

Whannell’s take on The Invisible Man, adapted from H. G. Wells’ classic story about a murderous scientist who manages to turn himself transparent, came out in early 2020 and starred Elisabeth Moss in the leading role.

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