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Dry Cleaning has released another single from their upcoming debut LP New Long Leg: the ripping, droll delight ‘Unsmart Lady.’

It’s the kind of track you’d expect to hear off of a band belonging to 4AD: discordant guitar tones, thrashing drums, and detached spoken-word lyrics. The contrast between lead singer Florence Shaw’s monotone delivery of lines like “If you like a girl, be nice/It’s not rocket science” and the rest of the band tearing up the very fabric of music behind her is so weird and Breeders-esque. It’s fantastic.

Dry Cleaning have been teasing music off of New Long Leg since last year, when they dropped the post-punk stomper ‘Scratched Lanyard’. In the time between that release and today’s release, we also heard ‘Strong Feelings’. Those two songs featured drum machines and sparse arrangements. ‘Unsmart Lady’ is the untapped ID counterpart, more reminiscent of the Sweet Princess EP and especially that release’s track ‘Magic of Meghan.’ Both songs ride a certain positive energy and resilience as they careen through frantic backing tracks.

“‘Fat podgy, non make-up’ — I was thinking about these things that are supposed to be a source of shame about your appearance and wanting to use them in a powerful way,” vocalist Florence Shaw said in a press release. “Just trying to survive when you feel knackered and put-upon and shit about yourself, but you say, ‘I don’t care what I’m supposed to be.’”

The song’s video, directed by Tilly Shiner, finds the band performing in a carpet shop. Shaw looks like she’s about to audition to be the next live-action Velma Dinkley, while the rest of the band look like they actually work in that carpet shop. Shout out to bassist Lewis Maynard’s luscious locks and mountain man beard that get ample head banging opportunities.

New Long Leg is due out on April 2nd. Check out the video for ‘Unsmart Lady’ down below.

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