Tacoma, Washington’s Enumclaw bill themselves as “The Best Band Since Oasis,” but they’re self-released and, thanks to COVID, have never had a chance to play a live show. “Fast N All,” their first single, boils that mix—snotty ambition and lack of shits given—down to a swooning, bittersweet noise-rock anthem, “Champagne Supernova” by way of No Age. Aramis, the vocalist, is a co-founder of one of the Puget Sound area’s most renowned rap parties, and he sings with the casual deliberateness of a connoisseur who knows how Playboi Carti can steal a song by repeating just one word. Blown-out guitars and languid beats conjure a sort of dingy, Pacific Northwest shoegaze.

Aramis delivers one laconic hook after another in a pinched, nasal voice, acknowledging that “I’m just not for everybody/It’s hard to accept,” reminiscing about “driving down I-5/Wondering how we got so high,” and marveling at “all that happened in eight months with you.” He finally lands on a refrain of minimalist excess even the Gallagher brothers might stop fighting for: “It’s always too much, too much, too much/Or it’s never enough.” Aramis told KEXP that he co-directed the song’s video, which is an equally unhurried (and absorbing) slice of gray Washington life, with his own older brother, Tristan. “Despite our falling out on the last day of shooting,” he said, “we were still able to put something together we were all proud of.” No matter what, because it’s Enumclaw’s debut single, “Fast N All” will always be their “Supersonic.”

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