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[Chorus: Drake]
Load up the Drac’
Fuck it, I’m makin’ ’em pay
It’s however niggas wan’ take it (Ayy)
I’m havin’ my way, ‘Set out here havin’ his way
Qua’ out here havin’ his way, and like the third Migo, I take
(Bitch, what?)
Load up the Drac’
What else are they gonna play?
This however niggas wan’ take it (Ayy)
I’m havin’ my way, ‘Set out here havin’ his way
Qua’ out here havin’ his way, and like the third Migo, I take
(Bitch, what? Ayy, yeah)

[Verse 1: Drake]
Now that I’m thinkin’ it through
I just ain’t fell in love ’cause I’m way too awake
And she tried fuckin’ a rapper to break up my heart
But my heart doesn’t break
Soon as I link with thеse niggas, they feelings are writtеn all over they face (What?)
Okay, great, I’m in the backroom of Wally’s, I spent thirty thousand on somebody’s grapes
We done did so many pull-ups on niggas, no wonder we gettin’ in shape
Too busy backin’ my words up with actions to ever go front in your face (What? Ayy)
Shit done changed, billionaires talk to me different when they see my paystub from Lucian Grainge
Told myself that I would get through this verse, and I’m not gonna mention the plane
But look at the plane
The fuck are we sayin’? (Yeah, what?) Fuck are we sayin’?
Big ’81, but I don’t own a Harley
I ride in Mercedes with Shane (Ayy)
It’s me and Lil’ Harley, we wreckin’ this shit
Then we ’bout to go link with the gang (Ayy)
And unlike that clock on the wall at your mama house
I do not have time to hang
Please don’t reach out to me
Think watchin’ too much of Stephen done got to me
Verses too eas’, I’m servin’ them up by the threes
I’m playin’ pool in the pool which connects to the beach
I’ve been too solid to ever have stripes on my sneak’s, you get what I mean?
Back in the day, my dawgs was puttin’ eight balls in the pockets of all of the fiends, and- (What? What?)
That was back in the day
Now we involved in legitimate business
Baby, we came a long way
Sometimes I hop on the road by myself, and I listen to shit that you say
All of y’all havin’ more followers than dollars
And that’s why I cannot relate (Ayy, no, what?)

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