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NewsMusic NewsHong Kong rapper Young Hysan recruits Pyra and TUJU for ‘Radiance’ remix EP

Also featuring Japanese rapper SANTAWORLDVIEW and Canadian hip-hop artist LB Spiffy

By Surej Singh

'Radiance' remix EP – Young Hysan
Young Hysan, Pyra, TUJU. Credits: Press/Press/TUJU Official Instagram

Hong Kong rapper Young Hysan has shared a new remix EP for his sophomore studio album, ‘Radiance’.

The four-track EP, titled ‘Radiance: The Remixes’, arrived on streaming platforms on Friday (July 23). Songs from ‘Radiance’ get a fresh coat of paint through new verses from the likes of Thai pop artist Pyra, TUJU of Malaysian rap crew K-Clique, Japanese rapper SANTAWORLDVIEW and Canadian hip-hop artist LB Spiffy.

For the remix EP, LB Spiffy takes on ‘Foreign’, while K-Clique’s TUJU raps over ‘Redemption’. Pyra features on ‘Lost & Found’, as SANTAWORLDVIEW remixes title track ‘Radiance’.

Listen to Young Hysan’s ‘Radiance: The Remixes’ below.

Young Hysan released ‘Radiance’ in January this year. The album – which featured no guest artists over its 11 tracks – included previously released singles ‘What’s More’, ‘Foreign’, ’PTSD’, and ‘Redemption’.

The album focused on the topic of mental health and depression. In a now-deleted Instagram post from earlier in the year, Hysan shared that ‘Radiance’ was the “cumulation of everything I’ve been through this past year. This is the complete journey from darkness to finding the Light.”

Apart from his solo work, Hysan is also part of Cantonese rap group The Low Mays. The group recently released two new singles entitled ‘明星生活 Popstar Life’ and ‘終極獵食者 Apex Predator’. The singles follow the release of the group’s 2018 album ‘人生贏家 LIFE WINNERS’.

Pyra most recently collaborated with Indonesian rapper Ramengvrl and Japanese rapper Yayoi Daimon on ‘Yellow Fever’ in March. The fiery track saw the artists hit back at racialised fetishisation of Asian women and offensive stereotypes.

TUJU on the other hand, released ‘Ralit’ for the Malaysian film J2: J Retribusi, in May. In June, TUJU and K-Clique bandmate MK featured on DJ CZA’s ‘Veto’.

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