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NewsMusic NewsIndonesian electronic duo Bottlesmoker announce new album, ‘Konser Plantasia’

Following a series of performances for ‘audiences’ of plants

By Daniel Peters

Bottlesmoker 'Konser Plantasia' album
Credit: Bottlesmoker Facebook.

Indonesian electronic duo Bottlesmoker have announced ‘Konser Plantasia’, their fifth album.

Bottlesmoker announced ‘Konser Plantasia’ on social media yesterday (July 14) with a mysterious visual, promising an album drop scheduled for July 30.

The record is their follow-up to their 2017 solo album ‘Parakosmos’ and 2020 joint album with Stars and Rabbit, ‘Pieces That Fit’. It also caps off a series of performances titled Plantasia: Concert For Your Plants. It’s not clear if the album will comprise a live recording of their ‘Plantasia’ concerts or will feature new studio recordings.

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Beginning in July 2020, the band planned sporadic performances across various Indonesian cities. Due to the ban on live concerts in light of the pandemic, the duo performed only to an audience of plants in various venues, including a plant nursery in Bandung. The band’s last ‘Plantasia’ performance took place in April this year.

Citing Mort Garson’s cult 1976 album ‘Mother Earth’s Plantasia’ as inspiration, Bottlesmoker conducted research into the healing effects of music on plants. They wrote original compositions that “improves [plants’] growth”, including a focus on rice plants tied to Indonesian culture.

Last year, the band released a clip of their July performance. Watch it below.

“[We took on] a history of Indonesian culture that has a special connection to rice plants, such [as] the sound of Karinding which can [repel] vermin, to the Tarawangsa which [is] used in the rituals toward Dewi Sri as the goddess of rice,” they wrote in the video description.

According to Bottlesmoker, some of the plants in “attendance” benefitted from the show, with the duo observing “flowers [blooming] faster” and leaves becoming greener.

Bottlesmoker formed in 2005 and have since released four studio albums: 2006’s ‘Before Circus Over’, 2008’s ‘Slow Mo Smile’, 2013’s ‘Hypnagogic’, and 2017’s ‘Parakosmos’. Last year, they teamed up with Stars and Rabbit for the release ‘Pieces That Fit’.

Last month, Bottlesmoker released a new performance of ‘Hypnagogic’ track ‘Bonet Circle’ with bassist Fitry Wulantari.

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