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NewsMusic NewsIndonesian folk artist Sekaranggi shares poignant new single, ‘It’s Hard To Be Me’

Arriving two months after her sophomore album ‘Delapan’

By A. Azim Idris

Indonesian folk artist Sekaranggi shares poignant new single, 'It’s Hard To Be Me'
Credit: Sekaranggi official Facebook

Indonesian musician Sekaranggi has shared a poignant single titled ‘It’s Hard To Be Me’.

The stripped-down and piano-driven track arrived on major streaming services via independent label Notive on Friday (November 19). It comes hot on the heels of her sophomore album ‘Delapan’, which was released in September.

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According to magazine Mancode.id, an earlier version of the new single was released with her college band in 2016, but now the lyrics have been altered to match her initial draft of the track.

Listen to ‘It’s Hard To Be Me’ below.

Sekaranggi also revealed that ‘It’s Hard To Be Me’ is one of her favourite songs to date.

“To this day, deep in my heart, I often feel pressured because I am not able to express my true feelings,” she told Mancode.id.

“Through this song, I want to learn to be brave and honestly convey the true voice of my heart.”

The self-composed and produced single was mixed and mastered by Sekaranggi’s close friend Mohammad Armansyah. It is also set to be featured on ‘Kompilasi Rakyat Vol. 1’ (People’s Compilation Vol. 1), which will contain nine songs from 11 artists when it releases on November 17.

Sekaranggi – real name Aisyah Sekaranggi Andjani – released her debut studio album ‘Safar’ (‘Journey’ in Arabic) in 2019, citing the likes of Lucy Rose, Radiohead, Billie Eilish as influences.

Following the release of her latest album, Sekaranggi told NME that ‘Delapan’ underscores the themes of eternal bond, the passage of time, and “the turning wheel that is life”.

“From the beginning, the deep meaning that I wanted to deliver was not the lovey-dovey stuff,” she told NME writer Felix Martua.

“It was more about the concept of dualism, such as yin and yang, black and white, joy and sadness, rising and sinking. If you listen to this album, some songs are immensely devastating whereas some songs are incredibly happy. That’s what I would like to highlight.”

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