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NewsMusic NewsIndonesian singer Okin describes a father’s love on solo single ‘Bersama Melangkah’

“This song is the result of my anxiety on how people say breaking up means sacrificing children”

By A. Azim Idris

Indonesian singer Okin describes a father's love in 'Bersama Melangkah'
Credit: Press

Indonesian musician Okin has dropped a poignant single titled ‘Bersama Melangkah’ (‘Walk Together’).

The track, which arrived on major streaming services on Friday (May 7), is the L.Y.O.N bassist’s second release since he launched his solo career.

The song, per a press release, depicts the love a father has for his children despite having separated from their mother. “This song is the result of my anxiety on how people say parents breaking up means sacrificing their relationships with their children,” Okin said.

“However, for me, how can children continue to be happy if their parents are also unhappy? Isn’t it more painful to live in a household with an unpleasant atmosphere?”

Listen to the track below.


The 27-year-old Okin – real name Niko Al Hakim – made headlines in Indonesia after divorcing his former partner, the influencer Rachel Vennya, in February.

Despite the widely-publicised divorce, Okin had assured that his two children would continue to receive undivided love from both parents as they grow up.

Okin’s L.Y.O.N. bandmate Rudy Nugraha Putra contributed to the lyrics of ‘Bersama Melangkah’. “Hopefully this work can be well appreciated by Indonesian music lovers,” Okin said. “The most important thing is, I want to continue to spill out the anxiety that is in my heart into art as well as to bring out my alter ego, which I cannot pour into my band.”

The single arrives a year after Okin worked with singer-songwriter Ocan Siagian on the collaborative single ‘Ekpektasi’ (‘Expectation’) in May 2020.

Okin’s band L.Y.O.N formed in 2019 and debuted with their single ‘Ego’. Throughout 2020, they dropped other singles ‘Asa & Ruang’, ‘Fiksi Yang Indah’, ‘Semesta Bersabda’, ‘Merindu’, and ‘Delusi’.

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