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NewsMusic NewsIsyana Sarasvati and DeadSquad share music video for ‘Il Sogno’

Adding grand visual flair to the operatic metal track

By Daniel Peters

Isyana Sarasvati and Deadsquad share music video for 'Il Sogno'
Credit: Isyana Sarasvati Official YouTube

Indonesian singer-songwriter Isyana Sarasvati and death metal band DeadSquad have shared the music video for their recent collaborative single, ‘Il Sogno’.

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The music video premiered on YouTube today (January 28), featuring the musicians performing together on a darkened soundstage, as Isyana Sarasvati rising to power, ultimately floating off the ground at the end of the clip.

The gothic proceedings see Saravasti and the band dressed in all-black attire, with the five-piece DeathSquad wearing hooded cloaks and Sarasvati donning a crown.

Watch the music video for ‘Il Songo’ below.

Upon the single’s release last December, new DeadSquad vocalist Augustinus Widi shared that the track – including its riff – was composed and arranged by Isyana Sarasvati, with the band adding instrumentation after.

The original version of ‘Il Sogno’ first released in April 2021, with softer rock instrumentation. That same month, Isyana Sarasvati and DeadSquad – then lead by former vocalist Daniel Mardhany – teamed up for a collaborative set for IDGAF 2021, during which the first iteration of ‘Il Sogno’ was performed.

In August, Mardhany left DeadSquad, and was replaced by Widi. The band most recently shared their new single ‘Curse Of The Black Plague’ on October 31. The song is said to be the first taste of their upcoming album. Further details are currently unknown.

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