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NewsMusic NewsJasmine Sokko shares new EP, ‘θi = θr’

Featuring three fresh tracks, including ’25’ co-written with Gentle Bones

By A. Azim Idris

Singaporean singer-songwriter Jasmine Sokko shares 6-track EP 'θi = θr'
Credit: Press

Singaporean singer-songwriter Jasmine Sokko has dropped six-track EP titled ‘θi = θr’ (pronounced as ‘The Law Of Reflection’).

The EP arrived on major streaming services on Friday (September 17) via Warner Music Singapore following the release of three singles.

According to a press release, the EP was named after Snell’s Law of Reflection, a physics formula in which the “angle of incidence equals to the angle of reflection”, allowing for true reflection to occur.

The singles in the EP included previously released tracks ‘Medusa’, ‘Tetris’, and ‘Cannibal’ featuring US-based musician Rena Lovelis from pop-rock group Hey Violet. Fresh singles include focus track ’25’, which was co-written by fellow Singaporean artist Gentle Bones, ‘Terms & Conditions’, and ‘Magnet’.

Listen to the EP below.

“The beauty of this formula lies in how they condense complex knowledge into punchlines. Given the pandemic, I find myself having to spend so much time alone where I cannot help but to confront certain feelings and find a new sense of self,” Sokko explained in a statemet.

“One lesson I’ve learned about creative work is that you almost never end up at the destination you expected yourself to be in when you first started the project.”

Sokko adds that she first drew her inspiration for the EP from the idea of museums, where she could detach and create from observing.

“But I ended up just reflecting a lot about how I have been feeling. It was equally cathartic as it was confusing.”

The EP comes a week after Sokko featured on Gentle Bones’ latest single ‘Help’, which she co-wrote.

Sokko indicated that new Gentle Bones co-write ’25’ is a coming-of-age song that touches on the quarter-life state of mind in which one is young enough to veer from responsibilities but old enough to “submit to the drudgery of adulthood.”

In April, Sokko bagged the Artist of the Year (Electronic) prize at Singapore’s *SCAPE Youth Music Awards 2021, following the release of a string of Mandarin singles contained in her EP ‘Made In Future’.

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