Experimental musician L’Rain’s self-titled 2017 debut was an intimate pastiche of voice memos, looped piano, and starry synth. Released in the aftermath of her mother’s death, it was also an affecting document of mourning. “Blame Me,” the second single from her forthcoming album, Fatigue, charts a complex path towards healing from the death of someone close. That process, as she writes in a recent Instagram post, isn’t just “slow music and burning sage and soft color palettes.” It involves unpacking her shock and guilt, revisiting the conversations she regrets not having. As L’Rain reminisces on the unconditional love she received from someone who “fought my demons until you were old,” her layered and distorted vocals create a sense of inner turmoil. Over a twangy synth backdrop and an occasional shimmer of hi-hat, she repeats one phrase in particular: “You were wasting away, my god/I’m making my way down south.” It’s a complex, intriguing sentiment, evoking both anguish over the past and a sense of forward momentum.

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