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NewsMusic NewsMaris Racal gets stood up in video for new pop-rock single, ‘Asa Naman’

It’s “not just straight-up a song about hate and disappointment”

By Surej Singh

Maris Racal shares music video for 'Asa Naman'
Credit: Maris Racal Official YouTube

Filipino singer-songwriter Maris Racal has released a new single, ‘Asa Naman’.

The single and its music video arrived on streaming platforms on Wednesday, September 15. The pop-rock track, which was produced by Rico Blanco (also Racal’s partner), features verses sung in Tagalog and choruses in Bisaya, a first for the musician.

The video – directed by Racal and Blanco – sees Racal going about her day and preparing for a special date, only to get stood up.

Watch the video for ‘Asa Naman’ below.

The song’s use of Bisaya was a way for Racal to pay homage to her Bisaya roots. “It all started when Rico suggested I write an entire song in Bisaya,” Racal said, per Rappler.

“It was appealing to me of course, but I was also worried that not everyone would understand it, so after a fair share of discussions (and even debates), I decided that the verses would be in Tagalog and that the choruses would be in Bisaya,” Racal continued.

While the track and video focus on getting stood up by a loved one, Racal clarified that the song is “not just straight-up a song about hate and disappointment”.

Rather, Racal emphasised the duality in the song’s theme: “There’s still that level of hope in salvaging whatever there is in the relationship… how things are not as straightforward as we hope they could be.”

‘Asa Naman’ follows the release of Racal’s previous single, ‘Ate Sandali’, in June. At the time, Racal revealed that ‘Ate Sandali’ was the first track from an upcoming mini-album.

Rico Blanco, on the other hand, recently recorded and released a reimagined version of Orange And Lemons’ ‘Pinoy Ako’. The new version, now named ‘Pinoy Tayo’, will feature on a compilation tribute to composer-songwriter Jonathan Manalo and serve as the new theme song for the upcoming season of Pinoy Big Brother.

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