Throughout his career, Mick Jenkins has explored love from many angles. The Chicago rapper’s 2016 album The Healing Component was a wide-ranging investigation of the concept; meanwhile, isolated moments within his discography display the lightness of touch that the subject demands. Consider “Consensual Seduction” from his 2018 album Pieces Of A Man, which approaches the heavy topic of romantic communication with the smoothness of a triple-wicked scented candle. This bold yet simple step laid the groundwork for a song like “Gucci Tried to Tell Me,” a sultry standout from Jenkins’ latest album Elephant In The Room.

“Gucci” makes the prospect of seasoned love sound effortless. Across the song’s three minutes, Jenkins lets the relaxing bass and synths of producer lophiile’s beat guide him through routines and precious moments with his partner. Even when his wordplay gets complex (“I’m in her Kool-Aid, she got the juice, I call her Kool G”), it still gets to the heart of little moments that amplify the spell he’s under: smoking weed while sipping smoothies; staying in and watching Blu-Rays; cutesy references to City Girls and Ella Mai. Jenkins shows the power of love through feelings and actions, bottling its essence without overthinking.

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