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Middle Kids – ‘Stacking Chairs’

Middle Kids have shared their optimistic and sparkling brand new single, ‘Stacking Chairs’, which exuberates happiness from start to finish.

The track is the latest single from the Australian three-piece, who shared their debut album, Lost Friends, in 2018. Middle Kids’ second child, Today We’re The Greatest, is to be born into the world on March 19th. Their latest single is a celebration of lead singer Hannah Joy’s marriage to bandmate Tim Fitz and a thank-you for the jubilation they have given each other, whilst wistfully looking back upon how life has changed.

On the chorus, the vocalist gratuitously sings: “When the wheels come off, I’ll be your spare, When the party’s over, I’ll be stacking the chairs, When the world turns on you, I will be there, I will be there.”

Speaking on the track, Joy explains, “I never thought I was going to get married – I didn’t think I would be able to love someone forever. I was scared that I would feel trapped and suffocated or alternatively leave or be left with a pile of ash and rubble.

“Going on the journey of marriage with Tim has been profound. It is very liberating having someone see you in your entirety and stay. Tim embodies that kind of ‘stacking chairs’ love – he’s not just about the party. He’s around afterward when I’m tired and ugly and loves me in those moments.”

Previous singles’ R U 4 Me?’ and ‘Questions’ deal with the sombre side of life, whereas ‘Stacking Chairs’ makes a refreshing change as Middle Kids allow a level of contentment with life soak into the track and coat it with unbridled euphoric energy.

In times like these where everything can feel dour whilst we are stuck inside, ‘Stacking Chairs’ offers up a slice of momentarily bliss. The track is also a reminder that essential things in life are often the smallest, like those willing to stack chairs with you once the party is over.

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