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NewsMusic NewsMohd Jayzuan announces new “romantic pop” album ‘Filokalis’

Its compact disc edition will be sold at an affordable price inspired by DIY hardcore ethics

By Daniel Peters

Mohd Jayzuan announces new album ‘Filokalis’
Credit: Mohd Jayzuan Facebook

Malaysian indie rock veteran Mohd Jayzuan has announced a new album, ‘Filokalis’, due for release later this month.

The full-length album will be his third solo outing, following 2008’s ‘Love-Fi’ and 2015’s ‘Pop N’ Roll’. ‘Filokalis’ will be issued via Projek Rabak, Jayzuan’s contemporary artist collective.

In a press statement via The Vibes, Jayzuan described the “romantic pop” album as his most “intimate” and “personal” project to date. Its production process was also apparently a period of recovery and redemption for the musician.

Jayzuan recorded the album with Indonesian producer Adink Permana, a Jakarta-based musician who has collaborated in the past with Sore, Payung Teduh, Noh Salleh, among others. Permana also told The Vibes that “the album is not merely songs, it’s a fervent prayer”.

‘Filokalis’ will be issued on digital platforms on October 16, along with a CD release that will be priced at RM10.

Jayzuan explained to The Vibes that the album’s affordable price is attributed to the staunch DIY ethics of Ian MacKaye, the former frontman of US hardcore punk bands Minor Threat and Fugazi.

Last year, Jayzuan announced ‘Ipoh City Slackers’, a compilation album with Projek Rabak and music venue Nagarakota which features independent artists from the city.

“Ipoh has a distinctive sound. So we are trying to come up with a new compilation to document this unique identity,” he explained to NME. The album has yet to be released.

Jayzuan is a former member of Malaysian indie rock bands Free Love and Bloody Mary.

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