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Rostam – ‘4Runner’

Former Vampire Weekend member, Rostam, has announced details of his forthcoming second solo album, Changephobia, and his new single ‘4Runner’ is another refreshing tonic he’s served up.

The new record arrives on June 4th and is the follow-up to his delightful 2017 debut. After touring his debut effort, Rostam returned to the studio to work with Clairo and produced her debut album, Immunity. His attention then turned to create HAIM’s highly-acclaimed 2020 record, Women In Music Pt. III, before returning to his solo career. These experiences of working with other artists can only be beneficial for the album that he is waiting to release, and judging from the singles so far, Rostam has grown as a solo artist.

On top of keeping himself busy working with other artists, Rostam has been slow cooking Changeaphobia, opting to take his time to make sure that he doesn’t become another victim of the dreaded second-album syndrome. ‘4Runner’ is further proof that by taking his time and testing his fans’ patience, Rostam has avoided falling into that dangerous trap.

The self-produced album has been Rostam’s focus for the last few years, and one coincidental event would lead to him going down this path. “A few years ago I met a stranger on a park bench, somehow I found myself opening up to him; revealing recent changes in my life that had altered its course, and he said, ‘Change is good. Go with it.’ I realized (sic) that I had never heard that sentiment expressed before,” he explained.

“Transphobia, biphobia, homophobia— these words hold a weight of threat, and it occurred to me that the threats they bare— the fears they describe— are rooted in a fear of change: a fear of the unknown, of a future that is not yet familiar, one in which there is a change of traditions, definitions, and distributions of power.

“This collection of songs is not celebrating a fear of change. Rather, it’s the opposite. It’s about who we are capable of becoming if we recognize these fears in ourselves and rise above them,” Rostam powerfully added.

‘4Runner’ epitomises that essence of embracing the unknown and tells the story of a romantic road-trip, where everything is uncertain, and the euphoria which comes from taking risks rather than letting life pass you by without ever grabbing it by the lapels. Rostam could have had a cushty life by staying with Vampire Weekend, and he took a risk by stepping out on his own — ‘4Runner’ shows why he was right to listen to his gut and start all over again.

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