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[Intro: Lizzo]
They don’t know I do it for the culture, goddamn
They say I should watch the shit I post, oh, goddamn
Say I’m turnin’ big girls into hoes, oh, goddamn
They say I get groupies at my shows, oh, goddamn

[Verse 1: Lizzo]
All the rumors are true, yeah
What ya heard, that’s true, yeah
I fuck him and you, yeah
If you believe I do that
Had to cut some hoes loose, yeah
NDA, no loose lips
Now them hoes tryna sue me
Bitch, I don’t give two shits
All the rumors are true, yeah
I’ve been in the bamboo, yeah
Focused on this music
My ex nigga, he blew it
Last year, I thought I would losе it
Readin’ shit on the internеt
My smoothie cleanse and my diet
No, I ain’t fuck Drake yet (Ha)

[Pre-Chorus: Lizzo]
Spendin’ all your time tryna break a woman down
Realer shit is goin’ on, baby, take a look around
If you thought that I was ratchet with my ass hangin’ out
Just wait until the summer when they let me out the house, bitch

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