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NewsMusic NewsShye makes a rallying call for care with new single ‘how r u sleeping’

“We may never truly know what someone is going through”

By Daniel Peters

Shye releases new single, ‘how r u sleeping’, a rallying call for care
Credit: Chris Sim.

Singaporean singer-songwriter Shye has released a new single, ‘how r u sleeping’.

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The release follows up July single ‘ITIM’, which explored darker pop sounds, and June’s slick ‘not rly’.

‘how r u sleeping’ is a sombre affair that sees Shye exploring the vulnerability of everyday anxiety, along with the feelings of isolation that come with it.

So pick me off my feet / Sweep me off my feet / Carry me until your legs grow weak, please / I’ll make it look easy / But it’s never what it seems / So when you see me / I wish you would ask me,” she sings.

Listen to ‘how r u sleeping’ below.

In a press statement, Shye shared about her personal experiences that inspired the track, calling 2020 “a year filled with anxious moments, when sleep didn’t come easy for me”.

“Being an introvert, I do find it extremely hard to open up and talk to someone about how I’m feeling, even to my friends,” she said. “It’s also this feeling of not wanting to be a burden to others, hence the lyrics ‘I’ll make it look easy but it’s never what it seems.’”

Shye added that the single is a reminder to continue checking in on friends and loved ones. “We may never truly know what someone is going through and the battles that they might be keeping to themselves,” she concluded. “I hope everyone has someone that they can trust and talk to.”

In 2020, Shye released her debut album ‘Days to Morning Glory’, which was one of NME‘s top Asian albums of 2020.

Earlier last week, Shye performed ‘The Road Ahead’ at Singapore’s National Day Parade 2021, singing alongside Linying, Sezairi, and Shabir.

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