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St. Vincent continues to tease her forthcoming album, Daddy’s Home, by now sharing a video teaser and hotline that announces a single titled ‘Pay Your Way In Pain’.

The return of St. Vincent first emerged last week when posters began appearing, which were quickly snapped by fans and posted online. The posters revealed that her next album, Daddy’s Home, is arriving on May 14th via Loma Vista and read: “Warm Wurlitzers and wit, glistening guitars and grit, with sleaze and style for days. Taking you from uptown to downtown with the artist who makes you expect the unexpected.”

St. Vincent first ignored the speculation, sneakily tweeting, “Nothing to see here”. However, since then, in a new newsletter entitled The New Cue, Clark delved into more detail about the record: “I would say it’s the sound of being down and out Downtown in New York, 1973. Glamour that hasn’t slept for three days. In hindsight, I realised that the Masseduction [album] and tour was so incredibly strict, whether it was the outfits I was wearing that literally constricted me, to the show being tight and the music being angular and rigid. When I wrapped that, I was like ‘oh, I just want things that are fluid and wiggly and I want this music to look like a Cassavetes film’.”

She added: “I wanted it to be warm tones and not really distorted, to tell these stories of flawed people being flawed and doing the best they can. Which is kind of what my life is.”

The musician also revealed the emotive reason for the forthcoming title, noting: “So the nuts and bolts of it is like, my dad got out of prison in 2019. He’d been in for 10 years. My first song for it was a story about when I used to go visit him and I would sign crumpled-up Target receipts somebody had left in the visitation room. And, of course, it’s incredibly sad, but it’s also incredibly absurd so the whole family has found a way to laugh about it.”

Clark has now teased her new single, ‘Pay Your Way In Pain’, by sharing a social media clip. In the video, she runs through a semi-derelict apartment complex, racing to make the ring of a telephone. When she makes it to the phone and answers “Hello?”, she meets with a deep voice saying, “Hello, Annie”. Then at the end of the short teaser, a phone number ending in ‘DADDY’ appears with the urgent instruction to “CALL NOW!”

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