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NewsMusic NewsStray Kids say the term “noise music” is something they use a “weapon”

The boyband talk about the inspiration for the title of their new album ‘NOEASY’

By Carmen Chin

stray kids
Stray Kids. Credit: JYP Entertainment

Stray Kids have spoken about how they turned the term ‘noise music’ into a positive for their latest release, ‘NOEASY’.

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During an interview with Teen Vogue, the K-pop boy group spoke about inspiratrin behind their recently released second studio album ‘NOEASY’. They explained that the choice in music style and title track was a deliberate response to criticism that the band created songs that sound like “construction music”.

“We actually thought the term ‘noise music’ was something that we could use as our own weapon,” said leader Bang Chan. More notably, Bang Chan is part of 3RACHA, the unit within Stray Kids that has written and produced most of the boyband’s material.

Meanwhile, rapper Changbin chimed to explain the record’s title ‘NOEASY’, a play on the word “Noisy”. “In the face of the ‘loudness’ that tries to deter us and get in our way, whether it’s pain, hardship, adversity, disapprovement, or criticism, we won’t be shaken easily, nor will we ever break down in front of it,” he said.

The group also discussed their modus operandi when it comes to creating new music, with Changbin declaring that “experimenting and trying new things is always exciting and something to look forward to”, while noting that mistakes are just a “natural part of the process”.

Stray Kids released ‘NOEASY’ on August 23. The record is their first release since winning Mnet reality TV programme Kingdom: Legendary War, and also includes the return of member Hyunjin following a lengthy hiatus.

The eight-member act also conveyed their gratitude to their fans in an interview prior to the release of ‘NOEASY’. “Thanks to the unchanging love and support we receive from STAY, we’ve been able to try out various things musically and clearly define our team-specific colour,” they said.

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