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NewsMusic NewsWatch Alec Orachi’s psychedelic music video for ‘Itsukushima’

The Thai artist’s first single of the year

By Surej Singh

Alec Orachi 'Itsukushima'
Credit: Newechoes Official YouTube

Thai singer-songwriter Alex Orachi has released a music video for his groovy new single, ‘Itsukushima’.

The single arrived on major streaming platforms on Friday (June 25), and received a trippy accompanying music video four days later.

The music video is a two-parter of sorts: The first half sees Orachi exploring a forested area on his own, while the latter half offers a psychedelic animated journey featuring floating heads and other trippy visuals.

Watch the music video for ‘Itsukushima’ below.


The song explores themes of “a person who wants to escape from the path of obsessions and gullibility with love”, per a press release. Ultimately, the protagonist of the narrative returns to his former ways of a “stereotypical cool guy”.

The track was named after the sacred Itsukushima Shrine in Japan, where births and deaths are prohibited in order to preserve its purity – a reference that mirrors the song’s narrative, as its protagonist cannot get hurt if he does not give into his gullibility with love.

Alec Orachi made his debut with the self-produced 2019 EP ‘I’m Not What They Say I Am’. Since then, Orachi has released a handful of standalone singles. ‘Itsukushima’ also serves as his first single of the year following last December’s ‘Interline’. He was until recently based in Australia.

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