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NewsMusic NewsWatch ENHYPEN sing hits by TWICE, Justin Bieber, Dua Lipa and more

The boyband also gave a shout-out to BTS

By Gladys Yeo

enhypen interview border carnival
ENHYPEN. Credit: Belift Lab

K-pop boyband ENHYPEN recently took part in ELLE magazine’s popular ‘Song Association’ video series where they sang hits by TWICE, Justin Bieber, Dua Lipa and more.

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During the segment, the group performed songs from their latest mini-album ‘Border: Carnival’, as well as their 2020 debut track ‘Given-Taken’. ENHYPEN also went on to cover hits by pop stars such as Ariana Grande (‘One Last Time’), Dua Lipa (‘Don’t Start Now) and others. They also sang ‘Come Around Me’ by Justin Bieber and Lauv’s ‘Never Not’.

ENHYPEN also showed off their renditions of tracks from their HYBE labelmates BTS, including ‘Fire’ and ‘Epilogue: Young Forever’, and showed love to K-pop girl group TWICE with a cover of ‘Feel Special’.

Elsewhere in the video, the members shared the most challenging song they had to record for their latest mini-album. “For me it’s ‘Drunk-Dazed’ which we did recently, that was challenging. Because it’s really high,” said Sunghoon. “This one is higher compared to when we did ‘Given-Taken’,” the group’s leader Jungwon chimed in.

ENHYPEN also discussed some of the music that was meaningful to them during the pandemic. “We debuted at a difficult time. Performing on stage in front of fans was something that was difficult to do,” said Korean-Australian member Jake.

“When our BTS seniors released a song called ‘Dynamite’, the meaning of it was that even in a difficult time like this, you can find your happiness,” he shared with ELLE. “So I think that really spoke to me.”

Member Heeseung also recommended TXT’s ‘We Lost The Summer’ to those having a difficult time while self-isolating during the pandemic. “It’s a song that expresses sympathy and encouragement for those feelings,” he said.

Earlier this month, ENHYPEN announced that they will be dropping their first Japanese-language single on July 6. The upcoming release, titled ‘Border: Transient’ will feature Japanese versions of their Korean-language songs ‘Given-Taken’ and ‘Let Me In (20 CUBE)’ as B-sides.

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