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NewsMusic NewsWatch South Korean indie pop band Adoy’s heartwarming music video for ‘Baby’

About two gas station attendants who find joy in the mundane

By Daniel Peters

Adoy 'Baby' music video single
Credit: Adoy Facebook.

South Korean indie pop band Adoy have released a new single, ‘Baby’. The song marks their newest material since their 2019 full-length debut, ‘Vivid’.

The band, known for their breezy explorations of city pop melodies and tight synth-pop instrumentation, go light on this track. Rich Wurlitzer-sounding keys and guitars by guest artist Jaehee take prominence in the mix, while the band’s vocalist Oh Ju-hwan swings between indecisiveness and infatuation.

I don’t know what to do with you / So tell me what to do with you,” he sings in its bridge before following with its chorus, “You know that baby / I’ll be in your eyes / I see you know that baby / I’ll be in your eyes.”

The wistful pop song is accompanied by a charming music video, which centres two gas station attendants finding joy and comfort in the mundane, all while skirting around a romantic connection.

Watch the music video, directed by Jinsoo Chung, below.

While the band have primarily sung in English, as they do on ‘Baby’, the four-piece debuted their first Korean-language song, ‘Ever’, in their 2019 album ‘Vivid’.

“Actually, ‘Ever’ is one of the first songs we wrote as Adoy,” the band told AsiaLive365 last year. “At the time we felt that Korean fit the track more than English, and we stuck with it in this album. We’ve been playing the song live for quite some time, but we’ve never had an audience sing this song back, even in Korea.”

Adoy formed in 2017 and consist of Ju-hwan, Jung Da-young (bass), Park Geun-chang (drums) and Zee (synths). Before the release of ‘Vivid’, the band issued two EPs: 2017’s ‘Catnip’ and 2018’s ‘Love’.

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