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[Intro: Tyler, The Creator, Ty Dolla $ign & DJ Drama]
Something real, yeah
Oh nah, we don’t do backpack

Haha, my pick up line and shit
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I got your bitch movin’
Call me when you get lost

[Verse 1: Tyler, The Creator & Ty Dolla $ign]
Aw, you look malnourished (Malnourished)
Let’s get some bread, fry the egg yolk and drown it in syrup (Drown it in syrup)
You pick a spot, I pick a tail number and we could be tourists (Ooh, yeah)
Let’s go to Cannes and watch a couple indie movies that you never heard of (Baby)
Listen to bands, groove and we dance
Disco in France, smell some perfume, head in the wind (In the wind)
We can switch off
I can show you how you can really exfoliate skin
If you got a man, you should cut him off
Get your passport ’cause we runnin’ off (Run off)
We can sit and talk
You can tell me everything that’s on your chest, baby, get it off
You are my type, you a bright light
I’m like a moth, this is not a game (This is not a game)
But before we start (Before I say)

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